About the Course

Explore in detail the situations that warrant infection control considerations as well as the most effective methods of preventing the spread of infectious agents in music therapy clinical settings. The Living Skills™ self-paced, online learning environment consists of discussion boards, interactive modules, written assignments, digital comprehension games and quizzes, downloadable content, and direct access to the instructor. Students will master the following skills and knowledge:

  • Ethical and legal responsibilities of employers, employees, and contractors as they relate to infection control practices

  • Infectious diseases commonly encountered in music therapy settings and how they spread, with special attention to bloodborne diseases

  • Four primary habits that significantly decrease the spread of communicable disease

  • The rationale behind and application of standard and extended precautions

  • Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other barriers

  • Definitions and practicality of cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, and sterilizing equipment

  • How to choose supplies to keep music therapy equipment germ-free with consideration to employment regulations, safety, and equipment longevity

  • Simple but effective infection control field kit assembly and maintenance

As an international self-study offering, this course is NOT pre-approved for continuing education credits. However, course learning objectives relate directly to the following United States CBMT Board Certification Domains (2020): I.4. Observe infection control protocols; I.8. Maintain awareness of client location, materials, and potential risks of harm at all times; V.B.3. Maintain knowledge of federal and state laws, rules, and regulations that may affect practice; V.B.13. Prepare accountability documentation for facility administration and/or local, state, and federal agencies; and V.B.20. Maintain equipment and supplies.

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  • Customizable Infection Control Policy Template

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    Build confidence with your clients and customers in your ability to prevent the spread of infectious diseases with a written policy specific to music therapy settings. This document also gives employees peace of mind about working for a company that holds the utmost concern for their health and safety. Useful as a training tool for staff as well as a supplement to existing policies to address infection control scenarios unique to music therapists!

Course curriculum

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  • 1

    Course Introduction & Student Forum

  • 2

    Part I: Preventing the Spread of Infectious Diseases with Barriers

    • Introduction to Personal Barriers

    • The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Appropriate PPE

    • PPE Reference Card & Extended Precautions Chart Downloads

    • PPE Donning & Doffing Skills Check

    • Planning for Equipment Barriers

    • Creative Equipment Barrier Ideas Discussion

  • 3

    Part II: Preventing the Spread of Infectious Diseases with Equipment Placement

    • Setting Up Treatment Space to Protect Music Therapy Equipment

  • 4

    Part III: Preventing the Spread of Infectious Diseases by Sanitizing Equipment

    • An In-depth Look at Sanitizing Equipment

    • Clean Versus Contaminated Challenge

    • Choosing an Equipment Sanitizer for Safety and Equipment Longevity

  • 5

    Part IV: Preventing the Spread of Infectious Diseases with Twenty-Second Hand Hygiene

    • The Power of Hand Hygiene

    • Hand Hygiene Scenario Discussion

    • Hand Hygiene Skills Check

  • 6

    Top 10 Infectious Diseases that Music Therapists May Encounter

  • 7

    Assembling an Effective Infection Control Field Kit

    • Infection Control Field Kit Contents

  • 8

    Developing an Infection Control Policy

    • Customizable Infection Control Policy Template Download

    • Bonus Reference: Sample COVID-19 Temporary Safety Plan

  • 9

    References & Recommended Reading

Meet the Instructor

Brenna Liebold, MT-BC, WMTR

Director of Music Therapy Services & Education at Living Melodies®

Brenna Liebold, MT-BC, WMTR owns and provides services at Living Melodies®, a community-based music therapy practice. Her rich professional career includes over 16 years of experience with geriatric, special needs, oncology, hospice, and physical rehabilitation clients; early childhood music curriculum planning; oncology research; music therapy program development within local healthcare organizations; and university-level music therapy teaching and curriculum development. Motivated by the belief that volunteer work helps to broaden the public’s knowledge of music therapy and advance the skills of fellow clinicians, Ms. Liebold has served as public relations chair for the Wisconsin Chapter for Music Therapy since 2011 and provided practicum and/or internship opportunities to music therapy students at Alverno College in Milwaukee and Carroll University in Waukesha in Wisconsin since her first year as a board-certified music therapist. Furthermore, she has presented at dozens of conferences, workshops, and in-services throughout the Midwest on a variety music therapy topics and clinical applications from biomedical theory to music therapy in hospice care. Her love of a broad variety musical genres and private study of world music and instruments led Ms. Liebold to participate in songwriting collaborations for the Hope 4 Grief online bereavement support group on Facebook and YouTube as well as judging submissions for the Indian Summer Music Awards. She has also been featured in interviews included on Wisconsin Pubic Radio and in a number of online publications such as "MKE Lifestyle."

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Infection Control B.E.S.T. Practices for Music Therapists